Best Headphones for Drumming

Best Headphones for Drumming

A drum is one of the top musical instruments that are ideal for a child to learn. A drum is a great instrument for a kid who is characteristically physical and enjoys creating a beat. One important piece of equipment every drummer needs to invest in is headphones. With the best headphones for drumming and you will definitely stand a much better chance.

Best headphones for drumming:

  • Etymotic HF5:

This is ear headphones and well worth for the price tag. The sound quality will be great and bring 35-42 decibels of attenuation to the table. One of the nicest parts of these headphones is the four-foot cable they come with this headphone because while drumming is to knock the wire out so your headphones will come off.

  • Shure SRH440:

This is full-size headphones. Speaking of chords, you will get 10 coiled feet of them with this model. This will make it easy to drum in a studio and you will not have the jack nearby. These quality full sized options will look more comfortable. You can also replace the cups pads and ensures you will never need a new pair again.

  • Sennheiser HD25-1:

You will find that these headphones have a lot of advantages. All the benefits are packed into this model and you can play for hours without feeling any discomfort. This will give you the opportunity to keep one ear open to the worlds around you.

  • Etymotic ER-4P:

This is the best in ear buds on the market. This will reduce the chances of you accidentally damage your eardrums by listening to music at levels. If you are used to drumming hard then it will be surrounded by other noise.

Choose the best headphones for drummers and headed down the right path where this important decision is concerned.