A Guide to Choosing the Right Kids Drum Set

If you are interested in buying a kids drum set, it is important that you do get the right one for your little child. Such a purchase is an important decision as it can affect the whole playing experience. But you need to be sure as well that not only the sound quality of the set that should be considered but its prices and its overall durability as well. With a ton of elements that should be present when you make a choice, here are some very helpful tips that should help you pick out the right set.


How old your child is should be taken into account before you decide. Unlike adult sets that are meant for adult players regardless of big or small, short or tall, young or old they are, sets that are meant for kids are best purchased in accordance to the age of the player. Naturally, you need to secure a drum that is going to be most suitable for your child’s present age. This way, he will have the necessary maturity to ensure that gets to play these sets right.


Choose the right size for your kid. You have to remember that different ages are more suitable for different kinds of sets most of these drum sets for kids though will likely have tags on them on what specific age should be claying them. So, this should help make it easier for parents to take their pick.


Remember to consider the amount of space you have at home. Remember that setting up a drum set is going to require more space when compared to their musical instruments. It is important that you take note of the space you have so you are sure that what you get is a set that should be set up conveniently in that part of your home where you want your kid to play.

Sound quality

You would not want to buy your kid one of those dirt cheap toy sets that are just really meant for casual playing, not serious drum playing. If you are looking forward to seeing your kid develop into one accomplished drummer, then there is a need for you to get one of those sets that are professional sounding and resembles most like any professional set, though the design is more fitting for kids. This way, your child will be able to learn the instrument better and will be a better and more accomplished player in the long run.


Choose highly durable sets too. You know how kids can get way too overenthusiastic sometimes. If yours do, then you will certainly have to ensure that the set you will get him is one that will not easily get broken or damaged when exposed to constant use and abuse. So, do emphasize on quality and durability when making your purchase.


Make sure to set a budget too, before you make your purchase. You will certainly want to find out how much it s that you are willing to spend. Just remember though that it is never going to be cheap if you want to get a good set. So, do not expect to get a good one if you want to pay the dirt-cheap price.

How to Buy a Drum Set for Kids?

How to Buy a Drum Set for Kids?

Giving drumming for kids is a chance to check whether kids are interested in the music or not. On the other words, parents can encourage the child to start learning to drum no matter they liked or not, because after that he or she may like to play the drum set. If your son or daughter having an interest in playing drums, then you can help them to develop their skill further by buying a perfect drum set. How to buy a drum set for kids? Keep continue your reading of this section to find.

How to buy a drum set for kids?

With the hundreds of options on kid’s drum set, it should be hard to pick the right instrument for your son or daughter. But, you don’t worry; we’re here for helping you to overcome from this overwhelming task. By considering the following things, you can ensure the best buy.

  1. Price range

At first, you need to think about your budget on drumming for kids, because you can get drum set from $100 to $1000. So, you have to fix the affordable price range and then look for drums. When compared with normal drums set, the drumming for a child is very cheaper, but made with high-quality materials to give a better lifespan. At the same time, based on the brand, the range price is increased from low to high.

  1. Difference between kid’s and regular drum set

The kid’s and regular drum set is almost same in its functionality on making sounds, but the main difference is in size. The regular drums are bigger in size, but kid’s drum is smaller in size, but children can’t able to handle the bigger size of the drum set. Therefore, it is best to buy a small or medium sized drums based on the age and size of the child. If your kid’s age is above 7, then look for medium size; otherwise, buy smaller one.

  1. Where to buy?

The best place to buy a drum set for kids is online shopping, but you can also buy it from the supermarket. Through online, parents can look plenty of options and its price and features, but this is not possible on supermarket because it is required you to up and down for more shops so this is an overwhelming task.

  1. Pieces of drums

When you look a full drum set, you should come to know the parts and size of drums. In addition to that, you will also get 3 pieces, 4 pieces and 5 pieces of drums. In this case, you need to consider about drumming skill and previous experience to choose numbers of drums. For example, if your son or daughter has previous experience and has some skills, you can proceed with 5 pieces of drums to develop skills further. Otherwise, go with 3 or 4 pieces of drums to start learning.

These are the things that you have to look on buying drumming instruments for a starter.

How Much Are Drumming Lessons?

How Much Are Drumming Lessons?

If you want to know how much are drumming lessons? You will be glad to know that there are now beginner drum lessons available online. Online drum lessons are the best way for you to start learning and play the drums. The price will be lower learning online lessons than with private tutors.

How much are drumming lessons for beginners?

If you compare online lessons with traditional private lessons or beginner then there will be a big difference in price. You will be able to find that the internet will provide a lot of valuable information when it comes to learning to play the drums. You can also access the online video sharing websites and there will be a lot of beginner drummer lessons available. The best thing about this method is that it will be absolutely free. You can also learn different techniques that are not usually taught in traditional private drum lessons.

The online tutorials are combined with DVD quality lessons are a cheaper than private lessons. The private teacher will charge you 20 to 30 dollars per lesson. For an average student, you have to spend around 40 to 80 dollars a week. Compare this to online beginner lessons and you will be able to get it at a much cheaper price. The great benefit of online lessons is that you will get to learn at your own time with a professional drummer.

You can also get it free on online streaming videos but if you want professional quality tutorial then you wants to go for the paid online lessons. You will start pounding those drums like your favorite drummer. Beginner drumming lessons online are easy to find. You can also able to find a website that offers top quality drum lessons.

Best Headphones for Drumming

Best Headphones for Drumming

A drum is one of the top musical instruments that are ideal for a child to learn. A drum is a great instrument for a kid who is characteristically physical and enjoys creating a beat. One important piece of equipment every drummer needs to invest in is headphones. With the best headphones for drumming and you will definitely stand a much better chance.

Best headphones for drumming:

  • Etymotic HF5:

This is ear headphones and well worth for the price tag. The sound quality will be great and bring 35-42 decibels of attenuation to the table. One of the nicest parts of these headphones is the four-foot cable they come with this headphone because while drumming is to knock the wire out so your headphones will come off.

  • Shure SRH440:

This is full-size headphones. Speaking of chords, you will get 10 coiled feet of them with this model. This will make it easy to drum in a studio and you will not have the jack nearby. These quality full sized options will look more comfortable. You can also replace the cups pads and ensures you will never need a new pair again.

  • Sennheiser HD25-1:

You will find that these headphones have a lot of advantages. All the benefits are packed into this model and you can play for hours without feeling any discomfort. This will give you the opportunity to keep one ear open to the worlds around you.

  • Etymotic ER-4P:

This is the best in ear buds on the market. This will reduce the chances of you accidentally damage your eardrums by listening to music at levels. If you are used to drumming hard then it will be surrounded by other noise.

Choose the best headphones for drummers and headed down the right path where this important decision is concerned.

How to Find Best Drum Set for Kids?

If this is the first time for you to buying a drum set for kids, then it should be a daunting task to find the best choice. This is because you might not be a drummer yourself, so you should meet complexities to buy a drum set for your kids if you would like at least your child to learn to play drums and music. At the same time, it is very important to know about hoops, shell sizes, and loops. Therefore, choosing a very first drum set for toddlers can be a difficult one for all parents.

But, it is very easy to spend some more time on the internet to learn about junior drum set and its accessories. From that, you come to know at what age a beginner kid drum set match, what things you need to focus and which model is really suited for your kids. No worries; this is exactly we’re going to know from this section, so even you no need to spend that much on the internet in your busy scheduled life.

How to find best drum set for kids?

When it comes to the drum set for kids, you only need to consider the size but not the age of your kid, because a child can be at any height and size even at the early stage. This is because based on your kid’s size only, he or she can able to handle the drum. At the same time, prior to going with the expensive drum kit for a child, you have to check once or twice to make sure the right time to introduce a drum set.

In order to check it, you need to test whether your child can comfortably reach the drum pedal and as well as cymbal in both lowest and highest points. In this case, you can start this testing, when your child is between 2 and a half and 5 feet height. On the other hand, if you introduce drum set in the shorter, then he or she will feel stretching and pain. Additionally, they also don’t like to play drum kit too.

Which drum set is useful for kids?

If you look to buy a useful drum set for your kids, then the only thing that you need to do is avoiding junior drum kit that comes with fewer parts and also at very cheap rate. Therefore, check the review and then buy a useful drum kit for your child.

Drumming Without Drums

Drumming Without Drums

If you are just starting to learn to play the drums and you will not have a drum set then you can begin by tapping your hands on a flat surface and use the available resources around you.

Learn drums without drums:

You will not need a kit to feel the rhythm and you can tap away on almost anything to learn drums. Most of the rudiments will be played on any surface with or without sticks and you will learn how to play a right now in a matter of minutes without a drum set or drumsticks. When it comes to drumming, you will be strongly advice rudiments as you will get a much better understanding to count with rhythm.

In choosing your first pair of drumsticks will be recommended for beginning drummers. It is important to remember that there will be different kinds of sticks. Your stick choice will relate to your style of music. Drum practice is available at music stores and on the internet.

For professional drummers, a regular chair will not adequate but improvising is still advisable. This exercise will teach you how to let your sticks naturally bounce off a drum. Only the tips of the drumsticks will be striking the center of the practice pad. So learning how to play the drums is not limited to those who have the instrument and it is better that you knows how to play an instrument.

If you are buying a drum set for your kids then you have probably found that the best way is with a drumming for kids. The type of drum kits will make tons of sense for young drummers and kids. It is not necessary to best in full drum sets if your child is just beginning their drumming experience.


Drumset for Preschoolers

Drumset for Preschoolers

Drumset for preschoolers will cover all the basics including how to assemble the drum set which will be often overlooked and taken for granted. It is compatible with all brands of kid’s drumkits and also works with the plastic drum peripheral that comes with the rock band video game. These involve this early childhood, music and drumming skills.

  • Alphabet
  • Counting
  • Soft to loud
  • Slow to fast
  • Read music notation
  • Rock beats

Drumset for preschoolers:

This is designed with a unique approach to teaching toddlers and preschoolers. This will come with colored stickers which are applied to the drums and cymbals. This will make it easier to communicate and teach the child which instrument corresponds to its similar colored note.

It starts out with an introduction and general music skills that allow the mini drumset to become less of a toy and more a learning tool. It provides an impressive list of skills and concepts that will be covered. Drumset for preschoolers will not assume that the parent will know anything about the drums by providing the plenty of drumset with its many parts.

Drumset for preschoolers will give you some much-needed structure for the kids on the drums. It is unique in that it uses a color-coded notation system so kids will easily identify which drum to play and develop a rhythm. This includes a colored sticker sheet to identify the different drums in the kit.

Your kids will definitely improve their skills and develop their natural talent. If is good to provide your kid with space where they can practice. Make sure that your kid will not be disturbed. There will be some video games that will let you practice drums. With the every beat of the drum, your kid will release energy.